Fresh local honey coming to Los Angeles (and other cities near you)


Beekeepers in LA can finally join their counterparts in London, Toronto and Paris and reap the sweet rewards of this booming practice.

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A radical solution to make urban cycling safer: Skycycle

Could this be the future of transport in London? It will be if Lord Foster has something to say about it. The image above has generated excitement among cyclists and urban planners but will it get the go ahead from London’s mayor?

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Amazing eco-friendly hotels


In the last edition of my sustainable hotels series we crossed four continents in search of perfect city or rural escapes that combine the most up-to-date sustainability credentials with creature-comforts to satisfy the most austerity-weary traveller.

Today we visit places a bit closer to home (if you happen to call Canada, the US or the UK home that is!), ending with a delightfully exotic detour to Bali which for obvious reasons might just have to relegate itself to mind-candy for the armchair traveller within all of us!

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“Greed is good” says London’s mayor. But is it good for our cities?

Mayor declares that inequality was essential to foster “the spirit of envy” and hailed greed as a “valuable spur to economic activity”

Mayor’s around the world are getting into all sorts of trouble lately. While one makes headlines for crack-smoking and prostitute-soliciting, another makes eyebrow-raising comments about the foundations of a progressive society.
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Polish cities choke on nation’s addiction to coal

xxymena-0qPaVaHfGEk-hdDespite a city’s best intentions, national policies can often have the last word.

Krakow’s medieval UNESCO World Heritage sites and its stunning architectural palette of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches and buildings has made it a tourist magnet among Europe’s travelling classes. In glaring contrast the city now has a less endearing title to deal with: Europe’s third most polluted air.

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