Amazing eco-friendly hotels


In the last edition of my sustainable hotels series we crossed four continents in search of perfect city or rural escapes that combine the most up-to-date sustainability credentials with creature-comforts to satisfy the most austerity-weary traveller.

Today we visit places a bit closer to home (if you happen to call Canada, the US or the UK home that is!), ending with a delightfully exotic detour to Bali which for obvious reasons might just have to relegate itself to mind-candy for the armchair traveller within all of us!

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Bangkok resort a haven of peace and eco-values

A “world away” from Bangkok’s urban cacophony

You can’t drive there, the pool is full of bugs, and taking a shower gives new meaning to the term “getting close to nature”:  This über-green, yet tech-friendly, urban sanctuary, a brisk jog and boat trip from the Bangkok Skytrain, might just be a sustainable-traveller’s heaven on Earth.

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