Tracking the future of cities


Urban Green: For city lovers, with a green conscience.

UG is an online, environmental magazine about the cities we both love and loath.  By the year 2050 more than 75% of the Earth’s projected population of 9 billion is predicted to inhabit cities, not a small number of them immense megalopolises like Shanghai, Lagos, Delhi and Bangkok where the challenge to be livable will be felt most. This year, along with the usual insightful, slightly academic articles, UG will track the best of the new livable, sustainable city that we love.

Urban Green is an advocate of sustainable and low-impact living, aiming to both inform and provide insight, and with a goal to educate and enlighten readers. Contributions and comments are welcome!

IMG_2129Urban Green is written and published by Pierre Herman, a teacher, sustainability writer and future student of the Sustainable Cities programme at King’s College London.

All written content of Urban Green is original (unless specified) and should not be copied or reproduced without prior consent. Copyright 2014.



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