Food Recycling: Composting the Big Apple

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I’ve written it before—New York City is the greenest place on Earth. Not actual green—despite the manicured beauty of Central and Prospect Parks, as of 2007 New York had fewer greens spaces per acre than just about any other major American city. But thanks chiefly to population density, New Yorkers have just about the smallest carbon footprint in the U.S. When it comes to just about every natural resource—including space, which ultimately might be the most scarce of all—New Yorkers do it more efficiently. Which is what you get for $3,832 a month, the average rent last month in Manhattan. (I live in Brooklyn.)

But there’s one green thing New Yorkers do not do well: recycle. The city manages to divert only about 15% of its waste from landfills to recycling centers, which compares to about 34% nationwide. It’s not really clear why. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg actually

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