Sustainable living tip: switch to a dairy alternative

Dairy’s green credentials leave a lot to be desired.

In the western world, we love our dairy. A multi-billion dollar industry, supermarkets in Europe and North America pack the shelves with an immense variety of milk, yoghurt, cheeses, and other dairy products, tempting us with an endless rainbow of novel flavours and imports. But with an expected 70% increase in demand for food by 2050 due to increases in population, the United Nations is urging us to eat much less.

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Out of necessity or for sustainability, urban farming prospers around the world

90% of all of the fruit and vegetables consumed in Havana are grown in the city.

Urban agriculture is gaining momentum around the globe. Havana’s experience, coupled with initiatives in other large cities and the growth of private, community supported agricultural models, proves that we can bring food production back to our cities.

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